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Congratulations! You've chosen stone slab for your new countertop. Many Mississauga homeowners have discovered the advantages of beautiful, natural stone for both kitchen and bath countertops. Whether you've selected the most popular stone, granite, or whether you've opted for classic marble, or another type of stone such as onyx or quartzite, you are sure to enjoy your stone countertop for decades to come.
Once you've settled on the particular stone slab that fits your aesthetic, there are a couple of other decisions you'll make that will have a great impact on the appearance of your countertop. Explore the options open to you, and make informed decisions about stone finishes and edges.

Stone Finishes

There are several kinds of stone finish, but these three basic types are commonly used for countertops:
  • Polished. Grinding and buffing the stone can give your countertop a high polish. Sleek, slippery, and high gloss, this finish is the least porous, which is good in case of spills. Polished is the most popular stone finish, probably because it brings out the natural beauty of the stone and produces a dramatic effect. It's also very easy to clean. In order to maintain the shine of a polished stone countertop, you should use the correct cleaners and reseal the surface on a regular basis. (Usually annually.)
  • Honed. A honed finish is sometimes known as a "matte” finish, and it's created by a process of sanding. A honed finish is less slippery than a polished one, and it's also useful for hiding any flaws in the stone – as well as any crumbs! While a honed finish is still smooth, it doesn't reflect light, and it's slightly more porous than a polished one.
  • Leathered. This finish is considered to be a specialty finish. Usually applied to darker stone, leathering involves moving diamond-tipped brushes across the surface. This results in an appearance that makes the stone look river-washed, or textured like leather.

Stone Edges

The other choice you'll make that will impact the look of your new countertop is the selection of an edge. There are a great many types of edges available from better stone fabricators. You may be drawn to a particular type of edge after looking at examples, you may want to opt for a simple design that will be very versatile, or you may want to choose an edge that fits well with a specific design style. Here are some of the basic options:
  • Straight edge. This simple edge is most commonly used. It fits well with any type of décor.
  • Waterfall edge. Curved on top. Again, a simple edge, but with a softer look. It's a clean look that goes well with both contemporary and traditional décor. It's also resistant to impact.
  • ½” or ¼” Bevel. An edge with a contemporary feel.
  • Bullnose. Curved on top and bottom. This edge gives a softer look. It's a classic style that looks good with any kind of stone.
  • Ogee. This design is more ornate, its lines forming an S-shaped curve. It's an elegant design often used in more traditional kitchens.
Have the counter you want – know your finishes and edges!

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